1° Worlddance International Cup – Competizione W.d.s.f


Iscrizioni online Wdsf – Entries online Wdsf

Iscrizioni online A Class – Entries online A Class

Quote iscrizioni: “wdsf + 1 competizione 60,00 €” – “wdsf + 2 o più competizioni 75,00 €”


Palasport di Quiliano – Piazza Della Costituzione 2 – 17047 Quiliano (SV) – Italy

Ore 9.00 ritiro numeri

Ore 9.30 inizio competizione

WDSF Open Standard Senior 3

WDSF Open Standard Senior 4

WDSF Open Standard Senior 2

WDSF Open Standard Adult

WDSF Open Standard Youth

WDSF Open Standard Junior

WDSF Open Latin Senior 2

WDSF Open Latin Adult

WDSF Open Latin Youth

WDSF Open Latin Junior

OPEN A Class Senior 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 Standard

OPEN A Class Youth Standard

OPEN A Class Adult Standard

OPEN A Class Youth Latin

OPEN A Class Adult Latin


La sequenza delle Discipline di Gara sarà specificato sul Time Table della gara

Euroflora 2018

Euroflora 2018 will be back in Genoa from 21 April to 6 May as you have never seen it before. For the first time, the flower show will be held outdoor, in a breathtaking location, to offer its visitors a truly unique experience.

The splendour that has always characterised one of the most prestigious international flower shows will be further enhanced by the great charm of the Parks of Nervi: 86 thousand square metres of gardens and alleys hosting historical villas, nestled between the sky and the sea.

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